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# 1 My Foundry Saga's
01-20-2011, 11:49 AM
From some advice given by Stormshade, I'm starting this thread to promote my missions in the Foundry on their own and hopefully get some more reviews and helpful critique.
I have one full series and two parts of another series to this point.

The first series is The Parasite Saga in six parts.

Parasitic Nightmare: You and your crew are sent to Theta Omicron Prime, a planet deep within the Iconia system, to locate the missing USS Stratford. It begins as a routine search and rescue mission, but what you find there is anything, but routine.

Lost Hope: Following the Stratford incident, Starfleet orders you and your crew to return to Theta Omicron Prime in order to investigate the colony, Hope. The Stratfords last mission had been to deliver supplies to Hope Colony, but on the surface things have gone terribly wrong.

Immoral Conduct: After finding information on Hope Colony regarding a secret Romulan research Facility on Theta Omicron Prime, you are ordered to investigate the co-ordinates recovered and try to get to the bottom of what's happening. Things dont go smoothly, and a new enemy is revealed, the Reman Captain Valek.

Of Parasites and Men: After the investigation of the Romulan Facility, Starfleet has sent the USS Pandora to Theta Omicron Prime to investigate and attempt to find some cure or vaccine for the parasite infection. You must find the Pandora and make sure the Vaccine reaches Earth!

The Siege of Malkeiris: With the Vaccine safely in Federation hands, a plan is put into motion to weaponise the serum, dubbed Curator, in order to make standard weapons more effective against those infected by the parasites. Panzer station, located on the planet Malkeiris deep within the Sierra system, has the facilities needed for such a task, but Valek has other plans!

Into the Heart of Darkness: The final battle against Valek and his forces. Having discovered Valeks base of operations, a Federation battle group has been dispatched to shut it down and you are sent to assist. Prepare for Battle!

My second series is entitled, The Artifact Saga and so far I have the first two parts up and running.

Enjoy your stay at Risa: A distress call is received from Risa claiming a Klingon assault force is attacking and you are sent to assist. It seems the Klingons are searching for something, but what?

Paracellsus Sword: After the attack on Risa, Klingon activity in the Sirius and Regulus sectors has gone quiet, except an experimental Destroyer class vessel, the USS Paracellsus, has gone missing near the Briar Patch. Could the Klingons be involved? More is uncovered regarding the mysterious artifacts and the mastermind behind the plans reveals herself!

Any and all feedback is welcome, and please be aware that every reccommendation a fellow player has made regarding my missions has been taken on board and put into place as I find constructive criticism very helpful when it comes to giving the people what they want. Thank you all for your time