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01-20-2011, 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by Russell-KV4S
Dang, and i just purchased Lifetime last month after paying a subscription since march. Having some buyers remorse

Oh Well, STO FTW! great job guys hopefully we'll get some more players!
Same here now

I had a subscription pay until January, so if I had just renew for one more month I could had save like $45.00

Wouldn't it be such a wonderful surprise (or a delay Christmas gift) if they were to give at least some Cryptic points to the Lifetime members who bought the membership just a few months early

(Just 2000 Cryptic points would make me feel 110% happier)

Aside from that, fantastic idea and hope to see many new players soon

Originally Posted by tolwyn21
StormShade, could you please review the exchange rate situation between Canada and the United States? At the very least, it should be at par if you want to just make life easier. There isn't any reason at all that Canadians should be paying more at this point in time.

Thanks in advance from a Canadian!
They did just review the exchange tolwyn21. (Plus the Canadian dollar is already on the way down).

What I was told is that they do this reviews every 3 month or so, therefore the next one is due in march.

PS: in December it used to be worse, they were giving us just 88 cents on the dollar when the exchange was at 98 cents.