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01-20-2011, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
Yes, it is beyond aggravating.

As a melee specced tactical, I don't often have the luxury of fighting at range.

And whenever I try to back up, I get rooted, hit motion accelerator and then get rooted again.
And the second time, there's no escape, because both my hypo and motion accelerator are on cooldown.

There was a brief glorious time when I was immune to assimilation.
The accolade Immune (200 borg vessels) meant I was unaffected by assimilation.
This debuff simply had no effect on me, it was like being a member of Species 8472.

And then something changed.

After 2 months or so of ignoring assimilation, suddenly I got hit by it again.
Considering I had been formerly immune to this debuff, I was quite surprised to get hit with it again.

Would someone care to explain why the most useful protection against the Borg was removed?

Immune accolade never made anyone immune to assimilation. No accolade ever did.

Assimilation is easy to avoid though. Keep the Borg away from you at all costs. And if they get close anyways, assimilation is interruptible. The animation takes a long time, so if Borg get close, stop shooting, start swinging. Holds, stuns, or knockbacks will also help you get away without the Borg landing the assimilation attack. PBKB shields are quite helpful here too.