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01-20-2011, 05:27 PM
Originally Posted by Cpt.Crazyfist
Yeah, poor Geordi. How could he have known?
I don't know, lets follow the logic.

Geordi gets captured. Very smart science type guy takes his visor and clearly seems to have an interest in it. Science type guy then, aggressively, questions Geordi to give up info about his ship. All while science type guy continues to tinker with the dang visor. Suddenly, and for no other reason then because Enterprise asked nicely, Geordi gets returned and gets his visor back.

At no point no one even thought for a moment to consider several key things.

1. Wasn't that all just a little to easy?
2. Maybe, just maybe, I should check the visor for tampering.
3. why in the heck is that silly klingon ship STILL sitting there after they pretty much gave up? Is there even a remote chance they might still be up to something?

Lets face it, most of the ship should of known more then they did. Its not like this hasn't happened before, Like the time the Romulans tried to make Geordi an assassin. You'd think at this point there would be some kind of "Lets check out how they screwed with Geordi, this time" standard procedure.