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01-20-2011, 05:25 PM
Lots of interesting things, dstahl!

I am looking forward to Champions going F2P, and I intend to check it out again once it does. I haven't played it since I had my 6-month sub back when it launched, and I'm more used to 'ground MMOs' now (having only really played Eve before CO, DDO, and STO). I do hope that the account servers' tribbles don't have any breakdowns during the CO F2P launch, heh.

The 1 Year Anniversary, 400 day Veteran Rewards, and Foundry update (and hopefully Foundry hitting Holodeck) all sound very exciting. I'm really looking forward to the shuttles (and gettin' mah Delta Flyer! ), along with the new Feature Episodes.

However, I have to give an 'awww!' for the postponement of the launch of the first new episode, but I suppose it's understandable. I just hope the 'few extra goodies' you've asked for are worth it, or I foresee the forums melting, heh. (Ah, who am I kidding? The forums will melt regardless of what you guys do, so I'll just daydream about what these goodies are.)

As for not getting to blow up ESD, super sad panda here. Maybe you guys could make a video of some of the devs blowing it up at least? *wink wink, nudge nudge*

As for the updated (and tentative) timeline:

Jan 25 - Champs F2P: Sa-weet!

Jan 27 - Holodeck Update:
  • Minor combat updates? Intriguing...
  • ESD Interior Update sounds very cool
  • New Default Font? I hope it's the one we had for a while on Tribble, because I loved that one!
  • Looking forward to Gozer's work on the remastered "Stranded in Space", especially the fact that it scales to level
  • XP Boost devices, meh. I won't be using them, but I'm glad that they don't stack.
  • Opening up Psi Velorum Sector Block to the KDF is most excellent. I hope Klingons eventually get access to almost all of the sector blocks, to be honest.
  • Delta Flyer!!!1one! ^_^ Can we get some stats and/or pictures, perty please? (Also, free basic shuttles when the Romulan series start sounds cool, too. Are they going to be Class-2, SC-4, or what?)
  • I'm looking forward to the Foundry missions you guys want to bring to Holodeck, especially after reading Stormy's post about them earlier today.

Feb 2 - 1 Year Anniversary! Yay! \o/ I'll be there at 10am Pacific with bells on! And I'm glad it lasting for a week.

Feb 5 - Feature Series 3 - Episode 1 - Hellz yeah!

Feb 10 - Vulcan D'Kyr Class Science Vessel - Meh, I might get one, if there's in-game means. Any chance we can test it out on Tribble before it launches?

The rest I'm looking forward to as well (especially the 400 Day Veteran Rewards, Foundry on Holodeck (very tentative), and speculating what the 'Species Series 3 Reward' is going to be).

Keep up the great work! Now, I'm off to post in the Ask Cryptic thread!