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01-20-2011, 06:38 PM
  • I know I've asked it before, but I still want to know: When will Andoria finally have Ushaan?
  • Any hints on what upcoming 'loot sets' we can look forward to? (I'm hoping for a ground one, really. It'd be nice to equip my captain with a 'special, matching' armor, shields, kit.)
  • When you say you hope that we will be able to use the Foundry to create our ship interiors, fleet starbases, and home planets, do you mean we can create a somewhat 'permanent' instance of these things that others can visit? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.
  • Any updates you can share on the Tholians?
  • Will Matt (and the rest of the art team) have time in the immediate future to correct some of the C-Store uniforms' bugs? (no being able to use Fleet patches on male ENT uniforms, rank pips clipping on the AGT uniforms, etc.)
  • Now that you (and snix) have given us some more info about the upcoming Crew Mechanic, will you be revisiting the current fragility of our crew to 'die' from minor hits in combat?
  • Any further progress on changing more chairs to the Sitting in Chairs tech? (Ready Room chair, stations, etc.)

And, of course, the absolutely most important question of them all:
  • When will we get our Porthos pets?!