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01-20-2011, 07:07 PM
question number one fleet starbases are they going to be just social hubs or are they going to be defendable and maintained with craftable stuff?

question number two with the life time subscription sale, does this sale mean that after march of 2011 less content and less maintance will be worked on? doesnt life time memberships hurt an mmorpg's life span? meaning that cryptic will recieve alot of money in one shot when money runs out no money coming in for regular updates and maintaing game.

question number three why has there been an obvious lack of dev or mod present on the forums since after the launch of the aegis and borg sets?

question number four is there any plans on nuking the crystaline entity? seems that cryptic doesnt plan on fixing it so why not get rid of it since noone plays it?

question number five we fill out bug reports, we fill out gm reports, we post on the bug forums and still bugs dont get fixed. what is the point of us even reporting?

now i know that these questions might not sound to good or be polite, but they are a concern to me and alot of people. i do not or am not lashing out at any worker of cryptic as i hear that the office had a plaque. lol
i for one think that the communication on the forums is crucial to this game and is one of the things that make it unique to the other games.