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01-20-2011, 10:24 PM
Thanks again for taking our questions.

Will you please add a dynamic display of our shield regeneration and damage resistance levels to the UI? Details available here:Mini-Games:
  • Can we please have a High Roller Dabo? Some place where we can gamble more than 300EC per spin? 3,000-30,000 per spin would be preferred. This would be an ideal addition to The Captain's Table.
  • When do you exect to get Poker working in our Ship's Interior? Do you expect this to be a solitaire only game (vs. the computer - Ideally we could see our BOs at the table!) or will we also be able to play against other players? What flavor of Poker should we expect? Draw, Stud, Texas Hold'em? How about a choice?
  • Is 3D Chess planned for the future?
  • Will Ground PvP (and/or PvE?) Dueling ever be enabled on Andoria?
Klingon Clothing needs some work, and I'm sure it's coming. When you get into it, can you look into these specifics:Can you look into the Engineer Captain Power Orbital Strike:Can we have some Accolades associated with Crafting?Can you give us any info on the "Unruly Roost - Defeat the Borg Tactical Cube" Story Accolade mentioned here:And lastly:
Since Graviton Science Consoles give a Tractor Beam skill buff, why is it that Positron Deflector Arrays, instead of Graviton Deflector Arrays, give a bonus to Tractor Beam skill? (And can this some how be corrected?)

Thanks again for your time.