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01-20-2011, 10:48 PM
-First Officer: OK this is a feature I have wanted since day one. Will we ever get a First Officer that we can either switch playing from the Captain to he (the FO will command an away team) or at least be able to assign one of our BO's a FO's and give him a few extra abilities?
-Commodore Title? Any chance of adding "Commodore" as either a reward or a purchasable title in game? Useable only after RA has been reached.
-Native lifeforms: What happened to the ambient creatures for planets? And make them agro on us too sometimes! Give us an extra challenge when we have to scan some rocks!
-Natives How about when we do beam down to a planet, perhaps we are captured by the local people and we have to negotiate our way out, sticking with the Prime Directive?
-Better Tricorder/sensor readings? Another feature I have wanted since day one, better use of our Tricorders and scanners to give us information instead of merely pointing the way?
-Ships Doctor/Chief Engineer Not sure if the new Crew system will take care of this or not, but I still want a CMO and CE on my ship to preform miracles!
-Tribble breading lab? We really need a better way of breeding these things and why not use our ships lab to do it at?
-More functions for ships interior? And speaking of Labs, will there be any place on the ship we can actually do something beneficial to the ship?
-Commanding from the bridge? Of course we all want this to be able to command from the bridge. Just thought I'd toss that out there!
Disable enemy ships option: Can we (Feds) get an option to be able to disable enemy ships instead of always blowing them up?