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01-21-2011, 02:20 PM
*Will there be any way to have custom bridge interiors to match the culture specific ships?

For instance I suspect a Kar'fi ship interior would look a little different than a Klingon one, even if they are similar. More to the point though, there are the Vulcan and Andorian vessels coming out, as well as the current vessels: Garamba, Varanus, Orion Patrol Cruiser.

*When do we expect to see the Targ pet system Dstahl discussed in the past?

I know I'd love to be able to have a pet Hawk, a Saur, a Targ or other such pet. Even a lovable Beagle.

*Finally, is there any consideration being given to create a kit or set bonus for Targ/Saur handlers? perhaps a Ra'wiq Kit?

I would love to see this kind of customization be developed in the game. Perhaps even player-crafted kits with player-chosen specific abilities on them.

P.S.: Would really love to see the Gorn costume and face options that I saw the artwork for a while back. I'm definitely switching my gorn to that T-Rex/Velociraptor look when it comes out, and it would be neat to make my Gorn look a little more like the npc versions... if Only he could throw huge boulders at people like Fezzik.