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01-21-2011, 02:50 PM
A few questions
  • *Will the Liberated Borg race be anything other than human or klingon?
    *Will Risa ever have a purpose?
    *Will we see more Q anytime soon?
    *Will we see the Children of Tamar soon?
    *Will the Bajoran Wormhole ever open up to Gamma Quadrant space?
    *What can we expect with the revamp of exploration missions?
    *I heard talk of opening up the Delta Quadrant. How do you plan to implement that for exploration, PvE, and the factions within (Kazon, Voth, Borg, etc)? What faction(s) will be a major player in the Delta Quadrant?
    *If you plan to make our First Officer a playable character, how will that work? Will that add a free player character slot? Will there be a mission to facilitate the transition or will it be, "Good work, you're captain now."? Will the newly made captains have to go through every mission that the first captain did or will there be new missions that this new captain undergoes?

Looking forward to the next major update and all others this year! Thanks for your time, and I hope my questions are considered.