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# 1 Publishing Failed
01-21-2011, 05:24 PM

just fixed some capitalization in the script of "The Longing". I needed to move a space mob actor a little, so the editor registered that there were any changes to save. Then I hit "Publish". 32min later I get a mail from the UGC system telling me, that publishing has failed.

It's almost exactly the same mission as yesterday. The only difference is the position of a space critter and that some characters in the text are now upper case instead of lower case. I tried to publish again, but the progress bar is stuck at 75% for 10min now, so I guess it will fail again.

This is extremly annoying, since I wanted to polish the mission before it is pulled on Monday for the transfer to Holodeck.

Any dev help appreciated.


Edit: Problem solved after the latest Tribble patch.