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01-22-2011, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
The transports are doable, you need to be running a high dps ship... and you have to know when to not buff to hard and kill the transports. This is much easier with a tac in a bop / raptor. No this mission was not designed for cruisers / carriers to complete easily... as the devs have stated there "raid" missions and intended to mainly be done by raiders. You might have luck teaming up for the Erikson and Freighter missions.
That's the thing, it's focused too much for Escorts and Raiders. Now if they want to make a Cruiser / Carrier equivalent, then I'm game. If not they should be equal to all ship types.

Originally Posted by Pantheras View Post
Eject warp plasma can help tremendously.Perhaps Carriers/Cruisers should give it a try
I used it before the changes and it does help, but it actually wasn't enough. If it wasn't for that, Boarding Parties, and Tractor Beams, I would not have been able to succeed in my Negh'var.