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01-22-2011, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by Burninnapalm View Post
if anything, Escorts and sci ships should have their power bonus REDUCED to a total of plus ten. that way the expanded warp core of cruisers is more obvious. but if you were to bring the escorts and sci vessels up to a +20 total, then why would anyone play a cruiser? their "big advantage" with their warp core is gone. and they sure and heck not gonna boost cruisers to a +25 (or even worse... a +30)

to counter act the movement buff to the escorts, they should have +5 go from their weapons to their engines.

SO you have

ESC +10 weaps, +5 ENGS
SCI +15 aux
CRZ +10 sheilds, +5 aux, +5 weapons

that would balance the game more with these proposed changes than giving escorts and sciences vessels and aditional +5
AFAIK, Cruisers don't necessarily have more warp power than escorts (in universe), ESPECIALLY when many of the components in such vessels are commonly shared. (The Defiant class actually has its thrusters ripped from the galaxy class, for instance).

I'd like to see Cryptic just get rid of the power generation differences, and give every class the same, divided differently. There was no in-universe reason that cruisers had more energy (they didn't), and as it stands, the game is already becoming Cruisers Online.

The various nerfs to escorts have me worried as well. Escorts are already rare, and reduced to hit and run solo ships most of the time.