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01-23-2011, 03:42 AM
Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart
I can only see a limited number of mission reviews in both the foundry editor and in-game. Is this intentional? if yes, then for what reason? Many missions have been edited and updated and the older reviews may not be relevant to the currently published version.

We need to figure out how this review thing is supposed to be working and then determine whether it is broken or what... some Dev' Insight as to the proper functioning is needed here...

We as authors are dependent on reviews to improve our missions and by Obscuring the Most Recent Ones we are severely limited in our ability to respond to player feedback...

I'm sure if the forums only gave you old posts the thing would be garbage... well... that is what we have now... I can't see any new reviews even though the count has risen... WTF?

This is important and needs to be addressed very soon...
Well, as you know, the in-foundry Recent Reviews info doesn't show recent reviews. So what you're looking for might be there if they ever put in the option to scroll and see more pages of that. I noticed that it shows me reviews with no review text i.e. people who only gave a star rating.

In the game, it will show all reviews from people who left comments, but will not show you reviews from people who left no comment. I think that's intentional and makes sense, as you can still see people who just left a star rating in the star rating count bit. No need to show that they didn't say anything in the reviews text window.