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01-23-2011, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by ddommus View Post
Let's say I want to make a mission that has a character that resembles Ash from the Evil Dead films. Maybe I might want your crew to meet two guys that are very similar to Tenacious D. Or let's say I want to make a mission that's just really light hearted. What are peoples thoughts about missions like these. I should also say that I'm not planning on making missions like these at all, I'm just looking to see how they might be received.
You'd probably get hate mail from STO canon purists :p

Unless they were subtly disguised and worked into the mission, e.g. as aliens that only people who knew what they were looking for got the reference and everyone else doesn't notice. I think most people want the missions they are playing to fit into the STO universe and not have rogue elements creeping in.

E.g. People wouldn't want to see someone put a huge space station in their mission and call it Babylon 5.

If you could work it in as a holodeck thing, then people wouldn't mind so much, I guess.