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01-24-2011, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by Valias
What revelation? Last I heard from dstahl was actually the exact opposite - that they intend to kick the war back into action.
Campaign as in something PvE story-driven like we have on the Federation side, I was not referring to RvR.

"[...]the KDF will never have as many episodes as the Feds in the short term[...]"

Originally Posted by Valias
Of course there are those exceptions. I'm just saying that player character content should be "mainstream". Or, the other alternative, at least be "unified" (as in: forcing every Klingon player to be part of this rather than splitting the already small playerbase in two).
I thought it was clear that this was directed at characters betraying the Empire by helping the Federation - and not very serious, anyways. You need to relax a bit.
The characters would not care if there was content, the players do.
Which means if the traitors you mentioned have more content, those would be the players not the characters.
So either you made it very unclear unintentionally or you originally had something else in mind.
Besides, it's very unlikely that most players would only make one character or more than one character only to have them all on the same side and I'm not sure why this would fracture the Klingons even further because in the current PvP environment it would make no actual difference as I pointed out.
And even if it did, when we're fighting one another we're still all warriors, all Klingons as Kurn put it in "Redemption"pt2.

And throwing the word traitor around in a Klingon forum is a serious accusation when you stop to think about it.
And that particular Klingon who fought B'vat did so because B'vat had used treachery and took hostages, all very dishonorable actions.