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I am aware of the multitude of good and bad threads about how to do the Cure. Still, i feel that the description i am about to give is worthy of a thread of it's own. In this thread i will describe, in detail, two different ways of getting through the last two shield gates. (referred to as gate 3 and 4)

Hybrid non-aggro approach

The key to this approach is not to aggro the second spawn group.(aggro=getting attention from) The reason why we don't want to aggro this group, is that we want to save time. This is how it goes down. (i will make references to the map you can find at this location: . note that i call the 4 transformers 'node')

- Activate first node. Kill workers. Kill distribution node. Kill the rest of this spawn.
- 2 people stay behind and guard node 1.
- 3 people run up to the snipe point (see map), stopping to activate node 2 as they go by.
- 2 workers will spawn by the 'snipe point', and will start moving towards node 2. These have to be killed as fast as possible, and without hitting anything in 'spawn 2'. Use pulse & sniper rifle, do NOT use high density rifle. Be careful not to use pulse rifle if anyone from spawn 2 is behind the worker! (gate 4)
- As soon as these two workers are down, activate node 3.
- One person from the 3-man group runs up past node 4. This person is now in charge of activating node 4 as soon as node 3 goes up, and then to defend the node.
- We now have 2 officers at node 1, 2 at node 3, and 1 at node 4.
- Shortly after node 3 is activated, one worker will spawn between node 3 and 4. He will be heading for node 2. The two officers at node 3 will have to kill him as soon as possible. He must be dead before he is out of range and before more workers come for node 3.

Nice tricks:
- Use Plasma fire or Thermal Vent on the node, and then knock the workers off it. they will not come back before the fire dies out.
- High Density rifles are not recommended. Sometimes they will push the workers far away, without interrupting them. The workers can deactivate the node while being 10 metres away! (look for glowing hands) Carrying 2 Blast assault guns are better.
- Do not give up! If you feel you are being overwhelmed, use your last dying breath to push that worker away from the node one last time. That extra second may be what turns a failure into a victory!

Complete non-aggro approach

This strategy is a bit tricky, but really fast if done right. Positioning and equipment is the key! here is a map

Everyone uses 2xBlast Assault
Tac's use Grenade Satchel kit!
(Tac officers are VERY useful for this approach!)
Use 'TAB' for targeting, as some workers will be partly behind the node.

I will describe the two gates seperately.

Gate 3: (This is the most tricky for complete non-aggro)

2 officers stationed at node 1
1 officer at node 2
1 tac officer at node 3
1 officer at node 4

set up at seperate nodes before activating node 1. Once node 1 is active, active all nodes as soon as they come available. defend them from a distance without aggroing the spawn groups. the person activating node 3 should hit himself with a smoke grenade immediatley before activating, as the 3rd spawn sometimes spawn directly upon activation. When the shield goes down, sneak past all groups without aggroing them.

Gate 4:
mostly the same as Gate 3. Notice on the map how there are two points for sniping at node 1. The Tac officer at node 3 will have a very challenging task ahead of him. He will be balancing between two spawn groups, and can easily aggro either. What he should do is position himself on the huge rock next to node 3. Target the node and move south (south on my map) until he is almost 3 metres away. As soon as he activates the node, he should move even further south, until he is only a meter or two from the end of the rock. From this point he should be able to avoid aggro from both groups, and be able to keep the workers off node 3 using two blast assaults, plasma grenades, stun grenades and photon grenades. (Throwing an occational smoke grenade on himself also helps)
Once the shield is down, everyone runs past it (getting lots of aggro on the way) and proceeds running until aggro is lost. (right before reaching the next patrol)

Good Luck!