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01-24-2011, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by Galactrix View Post
Well, as you know, the in-foundry Recent Reviews info doesn't show recent reviews. So what you're looking for might be there if they ever put in the option to scroll and see more pages of that. I noticed that it shows me reviews with no review text i.e. people who only gave a star rating.

In the game, it will show all reviews from people who left comments, but will not show you reviews from people who left no comment. I think that's intentional and makes sense, as you can still see people who just left a star rating in the star rating count bit. No need to show that they didn't say anything in the reviews text window.
Yep, figured that out myself too and i am ok with it.

What we definitely need, is a option to scroll down the reviews in the Foundry Editor, and the reviews should be sorted by date (latest on top). At the moment the arrangement seems a little random.

It would also be nice, if our published missions would show the time-stamp ingame too (not just in the Foundry Editor). That way people could compare this date with the date a comment was written, since they could refer to an older/earlier version of the mission. At the moment i addressed this problem by putting the last release date in the mission description, and wrote about the updates i made.