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Hi guy's

See Post 2 For Episode 1 Update.

Just thought i would make a post inviting you all to play my first mission, "Lost In Time 'Episode 1 Prelude'". As the title suggest's, it is simply a short prelude mission a bit like the introduction chapter you get before the Intro credits start in TNG, so it is not a full epsiode mission and as such it can be completed in around 30mins or less. I do Intend to add to the mission to make it a full episode mission, but as foundry is still only on tribble am unsure whether to wait for foundry to go live on Holodeck first. Mainly due to not knowing whether any of the mission's we create on Tribble will be deleted or not, or if we will beable to import them to Holodeck when foundry goes live. So if any of you know what will happen to such mission's on tribble yet me know, then i can decide if its worth carrying on with the rest of the mission or wait for Foundry to go live on Holodeck first.

Note the whole Mission, including this prelude segment of the mission is still work in progress. As i get used to the Foundry Tool's and learn who to do things that id like to do and see in the mission, then i will update the published version. So its still very much Work in Progress and off course subject to what will happen to the mission on tribble when Foundry goes live on Holodeck

Mission Discription

Starfleet has received a distress signal from the Freighter S.S. Trafford (No am not a Manchester United supporter). However the the distress signal was stopped at the source prior to sending details as to the reason for the distress signal. You and your crew have been ordered to goto P'Jem IV System located in the P'Jem system in the Sirius Sector to investigate.

Once you arrive at P'Jem IV - You have to locate S.S. Trafford. You most then beam aboard the S.S. Trafford to investigate the strange readings your ship picked up and locate where the crew are (Or where they have gone).

I wont go any further into it, so then i dont spoil the mission for you. I will say though that there is no combat in this prelude section of the mission. As it mainly about introducing you to the story, though the text is easy reading and not long walls of text, though i am dsylixic so there will be so grammar and spelling errors, if you come across any such errors simply PM them to me so i can correct them.

Thanks and enjoy the mission

P.S. Forgot to mention the mission is open to players of any level... well so long as your a Fed.