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01-24-2011, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by Valias
I was not referring to RvR either.

"The team is super excited to continue bringing these new stories into the game as well as continuing the story we start with the Undine/Borg/Fek'ihri/Iconians and the war between the Fed/KLg."

"We do want to introduce conflict between our main factions in future episodes."
"We really need to go back and tell the story of why the KDF and FED are at war and build some content around that whole neutral zone conflict. I'm not sure how fast we'll be able to make this (we've been talking about it for a while) but I'm hopeful that once UGC is available - the constant content pressure will be off my team enough that we can take a breather and work on something like this."

"What we really need to do is focus on the entire purpose we set the game to be in a time when the Federation and Klingon faction is at war and develop that storyline and make it an integral part of the game. Right now it is a little bit of everything and it needs focus."

You are confusing content with the ongoing war. Content can be the KvF war just as much as it can be anything else. Will we ever have as much content as the Federation? No. But does this mean that we have to give up being our own faction and instead become a subfaction of the Feds, leeching off their content? I say no to that, too. Aside from taking away the status of Klingons as their own faction with their own politics, this would also mean even less Klingon-specific content, as the devs would just point us to UFP stuff.

Well when on the one had they say they want to make it a greater part of the game but on the other hand it is unlikely that the Klingons will get a large amount of PvE Episodes, the result is most likely that the Federation will get a lot of missions about that conflict and the Klingons will...not.

And this is not even going into what future factions such as the Romulans would have to expect from such a development. This would really diminish every non-Starfleet character to be an "addon" to the Federation experience like in the TV series, and turn STO into a Starfleet game.
As I recall noone propsed that the KDF should become the Vermiform appendix of the Federation, we already have thatis, it's called "Playable Federation Klingon".
But cooperation where it makes sense ouside of Gamma Orionis, for example in Cardassian Space kicking some True Way butt is not something beyond the Klingons, or saving DS9 from them.
The universe is not all black and white, there are grey areas where you fight alongside someone else when it makes sense.
This would be that actual difference, when a house sympathetic to the Federation sees there is another threat, a threat to both that house might take action despite the war.
Others would choose to ignore the problem saying it's not their business.
Can't you see the difference between cooperation and "fusion"?

Originally Posted by Valias
Huh? I don't care for any out-of-character reasons when I am talking about the characters. Someone fighting against the Empire is someone fighting against the Empire, and he would likely have his own reasons to do so - even if his player did not care to provide them, I will keep calling such characters out for what they are.
Again, there seems to be a serious misunderstanding there.
You said traitors would have more content.
Those would not be the characters, those would be the players.
Only players can have content that they play with.
The content of a character would be his...internal organs.

Originally Posted by Valias
As for their players, I understand the concern about the amount of content, but at the same time I am somewhat saddened that they would surrender the chances the current political situation gives us.

Well, for starters, not every character would (or should) even get to select whether he or she joins this Federation alliance, as the Orion Syndicate is an entity hunted by Starfleet, so Orions and Feds working together is a no-go, and Nausicaans are just as likely to be shunned as the Federation does not employ or support mercenaries. Gorn on the other hand would be far more likely to run over to the Feds as a whole in order to free their government from Klingon rule and defend their regained sovereignty.

As for the question of content itself, why would anyone except roleplayers roll a character for the sub-faction which has access to everything the other side gets minus the Fed-content? It's like you're being offered free refills for your drink and you refuse even whilst still being thirsty after the one cup you got.

As serious as suggesting to work with an enemy of the Empire, I would think.
What saddens me is that you call the actions of people like B'vat "mainstream" while you call people who would fight against dishonorable conduct "traitors".

As for the possible RP implications:
It seems that you can only imagine that there would only be people on the Klingon side who forget the deep connection between two allies that fought together for many years against a common foe.
As was seen in the Dominion War.
Klingons can have very long memories and remember who their freinds are.
Those warriors would not abandon their bonds, their friendships from those days.
And they would be torn between loyalty to their own people and loyalty to people they trust and respect and fought together with.
Which is not something I can say about the current chancellor who is still a dubious figure.
Those people would try to at the very least find ways to help their friends wherever they can despite difficult circumstances.


Yes in some cases it would not make much sense:
Gorn might, so might Orions who are not alligned with the Syndicate.
Some Aliens, given the proper backstory might too
Nausicaans etc not so much.
In such cases it would certainly be preferable if they got their own little storyline where they defend their own people from an external threat, like Romulans trying to take an ally of the Klingons out of the equation, or the Borg, of the Breen raiding their space.
It wouls also make a lot more sense to have those missions than to have a Gorn in Gre'thor don't you think?
But I know this is impossible given what limited resources are available for such endeavors.