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01-24-2011, 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by TheKalamity View Post
That's common sense. I'd like to see you attempt to declaw 3 carriers while you have two bops alpha striking you, 3 carriers shooting you at range, and 50+ photons inbound to your shieldless hull.
In that case the questions would be: What are your other teammates doing? And why were the carriers allowed to generate 50+ fighters?

I understand what you mean, though, even if I have to say that I very rarely see 3 carriers in a single match.
Personally, I actually wouldn't have anything against some sort of "carrier cap", like, a maximum of 1-2 carriers per match just to get rid of these exceptions. This would also serve the idea of carriers being important flagships and not something you'd see every day.

But if all of the above really would be common sense, then I wouldn't see some of those mistakes being made again and again. Starfleet has gotten noticeably better over the past months, but at least for PuG's it still seems to be a fifty-fifty chance of teamplay being non-existent.