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01-24-2011, 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Hutchins
was wondering if you knew of a way to bind the mouse look(the two button press that controls the ship) in space to a key so I dont have to hold down both buttons to fly the ship. I would rather have a toggle but I cant figure it out.
If you look in the ingame keybind menu you can find the setting for this. I made mine so that toggling my 4th mouse button locks and unlocks my camera to my mouse and then I made my right click hold move the ship. I'm not sure if there is a written variant of this, but that's how I changed it.

To the player wishing to use the labels on the tooltrays, if you use the command "UseTraySlot# #" instead of the "TrayExecByTray# #" command it will apply the label to the power.

Now a question for the op: do you know what phrase is necessary for the top row of numpad keys? I'm meaning the * / and - commands. I haven't been able to find a phrase the works for any of the numpad keys aside from the numbers and + and enter.