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01-24-2011, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by TheKalamity View Post
Tbh, i'm fairly certain that I made it into the match after the start of it. That said, when 3 carriers are balled up and healing each other while spewing mobs, most tactics are thrown out the window. Even using my CC abilities i'd be surprised if I put much of a dent in the swarm.
Well, they cannot really heal the swarm, only themselves - and 3 carriers means few "normal" ships to do "normal" damage.

From what it sounds like, your teammates already allowed the situation to get out of control prior to your arrival, so the most difficult thing would have been to knock back the swarm to a level where you would be able to switch from defense to offense. Gravity Well and Tyken's Rift are excellent skills to take care of whole clouds of pets, and you can finish off the rest with a few B:FaW or RF Cannon salvos (easier said than done, but you get the idea). I've also heard that Viral Matrix does nasty stuff to carriers, but have not personally seen that in action yet (or likely just missed it as I was "occupied" with other targets).

Of course it's always easier to do a tactical post-battle analysis than having to decide whilst actually being there in the heat of the fight... I'm still making many mistakes just because I got distracted or even panic due to several enemy ships suddenly focus-firing my squishy Escort.

Also, it cannot be denied that anti-carrier tactics take a certain set of powers that may not be as useful when dealing with capital (read: player) ships. When fighting a carrier, however, they're golden - and I intend my Fed Tactical to fully concentrate on such a support role.

Originally Posted by TheKalamity View Post
I'm merely saying that multiple carriers in a map are more than likely the source of the upcoming nerfs. Which may very well be overkill. I'm happy that they're simply reducing the spawn sizes, the carrier itself could have been left alone.
I'm a bit saddened by the spawn size reduction, more due to style than efficiency. What use is a carrier when you can't churn out swarms of fighters? I'd have rather let them nerf the pets themselves - but then you'd probably have the issue that Feds would ignore them and focus on the carrier, which caused the devs to buff pets in the first place. It's a tricky circle.

Either way, it is also a bad sign that the devs give in to the whining (I realize this thread isn't like this, but many many others were) when they have previously stated it's balanced and people should adjust their tactics. It may well be that this was caused by the multiple carriers on a single map as you said, but in that case I would have rather preferred a join limit for them. This way, when there is just one carrier, isn't it underpowered now if it was previously balanced?
We'll have to wait and see, I guess.

That said, I also think part of the issue is targeting. Lots of players complain about not being able to select what they want to fire on, and I can even see this on K-side when two Feds are spawning Photonic Fleets and my screen suddenly fills with capital ships (though this kind of irritation may be intended - but in that case the holograms shouldn't do damage ).

I kind of wish they'd include a targeting priority selection, like:
- default targeting, no prioritization
- only target players (if no player is within 15km, target nearest NPC) <- lots of players seem to wish for this
- only target NPCs (if no NPC is within 15km, target nearest player) <- useful for Escorts on anti-carrier duty