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I would like to point out to the uninitiated that the 2 Carriers are completely different ships, with different strengths & weaknesses. Almost all the Carrier threads are talking about tactics against or how powerful the Voq is.The Kar-fi is completely different.
The Kar-Fi can do WAY more damage with it's weapons than with it's pets. It also has about the same hull as a Raptor, so It is actually a squishy ship. They do have powerful shields, but cannot tank like a cruiser or a Voq. It has decent Science abilities, with a Cmdr & an Ens sci BO. It has only 1 Engineer BO, a Lt.
The Kar-Fi turns like a cruiser, & has a Lt Cmdr & a LT Tac BO, so it can hit a lot harder than a cruiser. A Kar-Fi is more likely to try to kill you itself, not rely on its pets.
I often forget to launch any at all once combat has started.
Also The Frigates carried by The Kar-Fi really don't do much damage, but they can annoy you.
The frigates are armed with anti proton turrets, chronotron torpedoes, and tricobalt mines.The mines are dropped randomly, and are mostly wasted.
The frigate also uses Aceton field. Only 3 frigates can be deployed at once.
I don't use them so all i know about the fighters is that they will do a suicide attack against you when they get close to death, doing about the damage of a photon torpedo. With only 1 hanger bay, A Kar-Fi cannot launch both types of pets at once.
AOE attacks like GW & TR will affect a Kar-Fi just like it would a cruiser, as it doesn't have the inertia that a Voq has . Tractor beams/repulsors will also work against a Kar-fi.
So the 2 ships are both classified as carriers because they both have hangers, but other than that they have nothing in common at all.