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Hi Guy's

Just letting you know, i decided to go ahead and complete the first episode (Episode 1) of the Lost in Time Series, the mission when published (now live on Tribble) will appear in your search results as follows:

Lost in Time 'S.S. Trafford' - Federation Mission Only, Any LvL

The first part of the mission is the same as what was included in the Lost in Time 'Episode 1 Prelude' that i published yesterday. Some changes have been made though but nothing major.

Unlike the prelude mission to this Episode, there is a a segment that involves space combat. Its not a huge segment, as all aspects and encounters that take place in this mission and any other that i create will be storyline driven, just like in the TV Series (Specifically TNG Era). So in later missions when there is ground combat segment's, enemies will be strategically placed according to the episode storyline. So you will not find mobs wondering arounding and placed left right and centre turning the mission into a grind. Basically, objective/task are all driven by the storyline. My Aim thoughout the series is to accumodate all types of players, though not all episode will suit every type of player. Everyone will have to play the series in episode order, as each episode storyline will add to the overall storyline of the series, and in some case's like with Episode 1 and Episode 2, they will pick up from where the last episode ended. If you [play the episodes in random order you wont beable to make sense of the story.

Known Bugs (apart from spelling and grammar)

1 - Interactable Consoles in the S.S. Trafford map appear Black instead of default colour - I believe this is a bug in foundry but will look into it closer and republish the mission when fixed.

2 - Character console interaction animation continues for infinite period time, unless you move your charactor - Again this i believe to be a foundry bug, as the animation is set to short.

3 - Some Dialog buttons display words like [LastName] and [ShipName]. - This is intentional as Cryptic will be fixing this at some point so that where it says [LastName] it will show your characters last name and same for all over words enclosed in [ ] just like it does in the actual dialog box.

4 - Fire Extingiusers on board the S.S. Trafford Spray upwards. - My intention is for some to spray sideways once i have worked how too. (If you know how, then let me know please). Note - The Extinguisher effect is ment to reflect pressurised steam escaping from cracked piping.

5 - You haver to manually exit some maps, such as when leaving ESD and when warping from Sol System and UGC map to sector space. Same when leaving Memory alpha and back to sector space. - This is due to Foundry Map Transition limitations. Hopefully these limitations are removed in further Foundry updates.

If you come across any other bug's please post them on this thread.

Future Episodes and Development;

Well I have not decided on how many Episodes this series will cover, as the Storyline evolves in my head as i make the episodes. Though i do have an overall plan for the series and where the series takes the player and what will be included in the series content wise. But how the overall storyline of the series progresses will depend on the actual storyline of each episode. episode 1 is an introduction to the series and episode 2 opens up the overall storyline of the series.

As for continued development of the episodes (Bug fixing and additional editing), it will depend on the devs progress on foundry and when they add additional UGC tool's, content etc. It will also depend on whether these missions will be deleted or not, prior to foundry going live on Holodeck. After all, i see no point spending hours on creating an huge series or missions only for my work to be deleted and not have any way to save them and import them to Holodeck foundry. Perhaps a DEV or someone can confirm what will happen to UGC missions created on Tribble Foundry?