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01-25-2011, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
Yes, it is beyond aggravating.

As a melee specced tactical, I don't often have the luxury of fighting at range.

And whenever I try to back up, I get rooted, hit motion accelerator and then get rooted again.
And the second time, there's no escape, because both my hypo and motion accelerator are on cooldown.

For TAC Captains you should have the ability to reset your skills by the time you fight the borg, so you should be able to use motion accelerator 2x. I believe you also have leg sweep w/the kit w/motion accelarator, so you should be able to MA, Leg sweep, reset skills and repeat if necessary.

I can't speak to STFs, but if you keep your BOs near you and have 2 TAC BOs which alternate draw fire the swarming gets cut down alot espcially if you give them the ability to leg sweep, defense aura, and stun grenades. As someone else mentioned knock down shields help break the chaining as well. Add a couple of Sci BOs for exposes, heals, and SD hyposprays for melee damage/resist buff (btw they stack) and you should have little problem unless you get hit w/more than one spawn or ignore nodes.