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01-25-2011, 11:06 AM
Man did i pick a day to start playing STO! It looks like it will take a day or two to update the client to get playing! Im updating at dial-up speeds!, even tough i have 200Mb/sec connection! I had my evening planned to start playing STU and then after trying to change proxy update settings ect. i find out it is the day of free CO! I even downloaded client from official torrent but to my BIG dissapointment IT IS NOT UPDATED AT ALL even tough it is a link provided on official site. Man it feels like the day Warhammer went beta! (not really because i did not spend money that day) Why on earth Cryptic isn't offering a link to download even a little bit UPDATED VERSION of STO? And should the bandwidth be reserved first for the paying customers? Yes i lost a day of playing and a FREE day of that! Kid is at the grandparents and wife with her friends. Man i planned this for weeks! I should have installed earlier but how was i to know CO would affect my STO? But now i have released some of my anger so see you guys online in a day or two or three. At least i got a t-shirt on the box that i can now wear while NOT PLAYING STO!