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01-25-2011, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by Sir_James_of_Cadiz
darn it...thanks.

but it also says the delta flyer is cornfewzede (phonetic southern version of confused) as to why they even mentioned the flyer at all...
You can either buy the Delta Flyer through the c store or:

Originally Posted by dstahl
one quick note -

The in game method for obtaining a Delta Flyer (and possibly other shuttles) will be via a crafting quest that will take place over multiple days.

This is being done since the shuttles can be flown at any rank and thus should not require Emblems (lvl 51 currency) to create.

So if you do not wish to purchase the Delta Flyer with Atari Tokens (which replace the old C-Store points) then you can run the crafting daily to make your own.

This quest should go live within the next 2 weeks if not sooner.