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01-25-2011, 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by SP3CTREnyc
First, it's good to have a tac with Fire Team. He can stack his abilities to one- or two-shot crit the workers, especially with Ambush. Also, suppressing fire will slow the workers down a great deal. It comes with plasma grenades.
For sniping the workers, I usually prefer to run a tac with Pulse/sniper/Fire Team Kit, and throw in a Large power cell before hitting them. But with 3 people hitting them, even 3 engineers can take them down.

Originally Posted by RedRicky View Post
There's also the "leave one" method. This involves triggering all the spawns with distribution nodes and killing everything except 1 vanilla tactical at each spot. Kill Elite, Medical, and the Distribution Node. Then run back so the single drones transport back to their spots and the timers reset. Then, when you start charging everything again the full load won't spawn on you and you'll only have to deal with workers and new proto drones.
I've tried this method a few times, and it works, but i find it a bit unreliable. I've tended to get some random spawns during the final push that toppled our plans Also, for some groups you get the choise of leaving a medical or an elite alive, and either of those can be nasty. I hate to get a 30sec neuro_suppressant while defending the node...

For pure reliability, the semi-hybrid is definately best IMO, but if you can pull off the complete non-aggro you'll be through that shield gate in no time at all Only takes the time you use swapping gear and the time the nodes use to activate.