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01-25-2011, 01:20 PM
I definately agree that there needs to be some way to consistently save the configuration of your power bar, as well as the ability to switch BOs or weapons and have the new ability buttons replace the old ones IN THE SAME SLOTS as the old ones.

The problem, as I've been able to figure it out, is that you can assign a power button to a given slot, but it has to be an unused slot among all of your powers, even those that are not slotted. For instance, I can switch my Science Bridge Officer from the one with Tachyon Beam and Science Team to the one with Jam Sensors and Transfer Shield Strength, but I have to assign Tachyon Beam and Science Team to 9 and 0 (for instance) and Jam Sensors and TSS to C9 and C0. When I switch my Science Officers the buttons switch from tray 1 to tray 2 just fine. But if I try to put Jam Sensors in 9 and try to make it replace Tachyon Beam, I end up with it jumping back to the first empty slot when I try to switch back to that BO.

Likewise, I can switch ships just fine, as long as I have made sure to assign all of the powers for that ship to the proper slots. It holds that configuration when I switch to another ship and restores it when I switch back to it. I have to rebuild my trays from scratch whenever I buy a new ship, but then I don't usually have to worry about it again. But unless I remember to switch my Bridge Officer assignment from the first ship's arrangement to the second BEFORE I beam up, the BO power assignments get mixed up. And it's possible switching around weapons messes it up too. (I usually have a complete set of weapons for each of my ships so I don't have to move stuff around)

Additionally, I think what is happening is that if you don't have a slot assigned to a power and it gets given the first available one, if this overwrites a slot assignment because you don't currently have THAT power slotted, it gets lost too. That starts a chain reaction of powers unassigning other powers until they are all being added at random.

So I guess that's what I'm asking for. When you assign a power to a hot bar slot, let it STAY assigned to that hot bar slot. If it can't be placed in that slot because it is currently occupied, place it in another slot, but don't discard the assignment. Make sure it can be put back there any time the slot is free. And if two powers are being switched, remove the first from the slot before adding the second.

(Putting it another way; remove all slots from the tray for all powers of a Bridge Officer that is being removed, and only then add all slots for the powers of the Bridge Officer that is being added. Instead of removing old power 1, adding new power 1, removing old power 2, adding new power 2, and so on. You programmers should know what I mean. Two for-loops, instead of just one )

Personally, I think the best way to do this is, first of all, to display ALL powers that you have available in your Powers screen, not just those that are currently available. Make the ones for BOs you don't have currently assigned or weapon types that aren't available greyed out or something to indicate you can't use them. Then, next to that power display the tray slot it is currenlty assigned to, or blank if it's not. A power's "assignment" will always be the first available slot until you manually assign it to a location (or you can have something like the "lock tray" button to assign all the currently slotted powers) and then any additional powers you try to add, or powers for which the slot is already taken will go in the first empty slot as before.