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I started a previous thread about fatigue related to space flight when using the mouse to steer the ship. Holding down the two mouse buttons the whole time is very fatiguing after a while.

After the discussion in that thread, and some more time to think about it myself, I'm formally requesting that Cryptic add a "Toggle" option for this feature.

(It is called "Camera Turn-To-Face" in the key binds but strictly speaking more is involved than simply that. If assigned to a keyboard key, nothing will happen unless you move the camera first (using the mouse) and then hold down the key. What I'm asking for is a way to toggle the Left + Right Mouse Click and Hold behavior which both steers the ship and has the camera follow it.)

The user could check a "toggle" check box in the key binds area (obviously it would have to be off by default). If activated the user could click the Left + Right mouse buttons to activate the steering of the ship and then click both buttons again to deactivate it. This would be a simple change but would drastically improve the experience for those of us who use the mouse to fly our ship.

Please post if you would like to see this feature added in a future patch. Thanks Cryptic for such a great game and for listening to your player community.