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01-25-2011, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by V_Silverwings View Post
I see Sovereign bridge pack for 96cp but as far as I was aware it hasn't been advertised and I am as sure as I can be I had all the bridges. Is this a bug or something new? The price suggests it's already on discount which makes it even more confusing

The pack says (3) and the inital text says (3) but the detailed information says four. Not sure if it's safe to buy this if this is a mistake and will get pulled.
Hmm...I see that too. It looks like it's not quite ready. Maybe they released it early by accident?


Seems the bridges are on Tribble, and will let you "preview" them (not sure if you can actually buy them on tribble, and I wouldn't really recommend it either). Also, there's only 3, so the "four" is probably a typo.