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01-26-2011, 12:13 AM
I must say I like those non-canon MU uniforms. Really wish there was a way to get those shorter jackets that the WoK versions call for, but as you said, you work with what you can get. I do have a question on how you envisioned these uniforms. For the WoK versions, is there a skirt variant for the females? And do all females wear the skirt in the Next Gen version or just some? Just curious in how you envision it. When I make custom uniforms (like skirted variants of uniforms that never had them like DS9/VOY and DS9/TNG Films) I create rules on who does and doesn't, so I'm curious if there's any you envisioned on these MU uniforms.

Anyways, I hope you go and create more of these Mirror Universe versions of other uniforms. I say go in the direction of the DS9/VOY uniforms next, then the DS9/TNG Films before hitting the All Good Things... uniforms. I expect we'll never see a MU version of the Motion Picture uniforms...those things in the top might make it difficult to to add a belt to them.