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01-26-2011, 02:01 AM
Lost in Time 'S.S. Trafford' - Is now live on Tribble

If any Dev's or Mod's see this, please change this thread's title to "Lost in Time Series", thanks in advance.


Lost in Time 'S.S. Trafford' mission is now updated to v1.01. Update added missing diaglog between player and Orion ship captain prior to encounter. This dialog should have been in on first release, but it slipped my mind to added this morning, so i apologise for that. But it was needed as no Fed Captain would engage another ship with out attempting to hail them first.

Emergency Update:

Since the update above, the last 2 maps in the mission had broken trigger markers, resulting in the map dialog not being triggered, and breaking the mission as a result. It didn't do it everytime but even if you got past the 1st of the last 2 maps it lwould mostly have done it in the last map. I have attempted to fix the issue and in testing they now work again. Currently stuck at 50% republishing though, so please bear with me on this.

Seemís as though Cryptic are having issues with foundry in regards to publishing. I have been trying to republish the mission, after making the emergency update for the last hour, tried 6 times and it just gets stuck at 50% each time. So ill probably try republish in the morning if it fails again this time.