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01-26-2011, 12:52 PM
Final review.

I have canceled my sub to DCUO.

The game has some good points.

1. Writing and voice acting. The episodes were well written. The voice acting was superb.
2. Combat can be fun once you get used to the strange control scheme.
3. It is set in the style of the DCU.

It has some pretty big bad points though.
1. Control scheme sucks. Combos are cool when you can pull them off, but the problem is pulling them off. The game seems to have trouble differentiating a tap from a hold and as a result you don't do what you want to or do something completely different. Not to mention the crappy UI.

2. Limited options. I can't make Green Lantern. I can kinda make Superman...if I never use any superpowers and just brawl my way through the game. The game needs more basic power sets.

3. Costume. More costume options need to be available up front. It's cool we can unlock more, but give us more options in general. This may be because I am coming from costume free for alls of CoH and Champs, but I believe those games are the standard for superhero MMOs. This game falls waaaay short of that.

4. XP progression is strange. I am dying for missions at character creation. At 18, I am awash in stuff to do, most of it 8+ levels below me. Leveling is faster then in STO. I did an entire level just doing the Booster Gold exploration kiosks. No fighting, just listening. Another level was earned touring The Watchtower. But these missions are unavailable at character creation when you need them.

5. Power Balance. I have a power called Stealth on my Archer. At least that is what the game calls it. I call it my challenge elimination tool. It grants me the option to stun targets or plant an AoE almost insta-kill bomb without revealing myself. Or I can instakill people, but that reveals my position. And I can get this at level 4. All powersets have at least one power with this level of overpowering. The game is too easy. Except when...

6. Everything is piled up on top of each other. The game world is huge, but everything happens in the same 10% area of the world so everything is bunched up really close. Meaning you inevitably find yourself swarmed by dozens of extra pulls when you try to walk down the street.

7. The Chat system sucks. I mean really sucks. Let's say you want to tell your team not to attack this guy until you are all ready. You have to open the chat window, which will stop you from doing whatever it is you are doing like fighting or moving. Type your message and be sure to make sure you have the right /channel (no quick options here, if you don't specify the channel with /channel, you will say it in local chat). Then your teammates receive the message. And because the chat bar only shows like the last four messages, they have to open their chat windows (stopping what they are doing) and scroll up to find the message. And the chat box cannot be resized.

Furthermore, there is no quick reply option for tells. You have to open your chat menu, type /tell "name" (gotta have the quotes around the name) and then type your message. Torespond, the other guys has to do likewise.

As a result, nobody bothers talking in this game.

8. Teaming. Let's say you and three friends team up. They are all a level below you and have a mission that you did last night. They can't share this mission with you. And so you don't get any xp, cash, or loot from it. Just the 1-5 xp per kill. Yeah, 1-5 xp per guy. As a result, unless it is to take down a big bounty target, teaming is pointless unless you both are doing the exact same mission.

In many ways, it feels like the game designers started making a single player game and were told 80% of the way through when they still working on content and fun stuff for the game it was supposed to be an MMO. So they dropped the content part and devoted what resources they had left into shoehorning in a chat and teaming system.

It makes a decent single player game but fails completely as an MMO.