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01-26-2011, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by Andrew_Harnaman
sorry i was rounding up and roundng down but I have fallen trap to the same thing that is happening to others. Its now been 4 hours since i put a ticket in though and no response thing is ive been around a year but if i was just buying this game id be less forgiving thats for sure. Its very very bad that no one thought to check on cryptics part before they advertised it. In the Uk they would be brought up in court by the office of fair trading for break sales description. In the Uk you can advertise a high price but sell at a low price. But if you chrage higher than the advertised selling price then you can be fined.
I don't get what you mean.

'Its very bad that no one thought to check on Cryptics part before they advertised it?

Its all there, with displayed countries and * for small print, so no, Cryptic would not have been brought up in court by the Office of Fair Trading unless they were a British company falsely advertising. Yet they are not, are they.
Cryptic aren't advertising low and selling high, its VAT. Buy something internationally and get stung nationally, its something we in Europe (and of course plenty of other places) have to live with. Blame the grand scheme of things, and not Cryptic on this one.