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01-26-2011, 02:53 PM
Unfortunately, my major problem with these roots is in STFs, which means no Boffs around to distract them.

And Tacs seem to bear the brunt of the assault.
Our life expectancy is equivalent to that of the typical "Redshirt".

Also, healing has a diminished affect under assimilation, by my estimate, it's reduced to 50% of what it would be under normal conditions. Add to that your health is being reduced every second and the fact that only 1 heal is unaffected by Assimilation (Rally Cry, which I do not have!) equals one very dead Starfleet captain.

It's actually pointless to pop a Large Hypospray and all other heals applied by your teammates are more or less useless unless they can spam them non-stop (which they can't!).