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01-26-2011, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by Alan_81 View Post
Hey there Blackavaar. Got a suggestion for a uniform you could possibly do a guide for. In one of the Unlimited comic books published by Marvel and Paramount back in the '90's I seem to recall there was a stealth uniform in the style of the TOS uniforms but it was all black in colour. There's no rank insignia but everyone that was wearing it still displayed the Enterprise's command delta.

An all black TOS uniform is a pretty simple thing to do, guide or no guide I admit...but I figured it might be something you'd like to do a guide for to give our fellow fans even more variety of ideas. I certainly know that the more uniform choices there are, the merrier I am.

Just some food for thought my friend.

Funny you should say that. I have just recently redone my Borg captain's crew with just such a uniform. He's just hit URA, so he's ready to do the STFs and I wanted a new look for those. I'll post an image of them when I get a chance and I'll definitely consider adding a guide for it.