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01-27-2011, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Thanks! And thank you once again for suggesting them.

In order to keep them looking TNG or WoK style I found it necessary to keep at least one part of that set. The TNG uniforms could very well have belly variants, but I found when I used the choices we have, the characters no longer looked like they belonged to that era. Same goes for the WoK uniforms. If you take away the pants, they no longer appear to fit with the rest of the uniforms. I suppose if you did a female version with a WoK jacket and skirt, that might work. But with the TNG uniforms, going with just the pants isn't enough to make it feel TNG.

I am currently working on getting the DS9 Off Duty styles worn in their Mirror episodes down. I don't think doing a DS9/VOY uniform would be proper, since according to those episodes the Terran Empire had been defeated and subjugated by the Klingon Cardassian Alliance at that time. It is only in the last Mirror episode that they have begun to really take back their Empire. A TNG Film uniform might be in order, but these would be completely speculative, as would AGT.

Ah, yes. You are, of course, correct in that you should prioritize the canon stuff from DS9 first. Then maybe head on to the DS9/TNG Films next and maybe the AGT uniforms. My request for a MU variant to the DS9/VOY uniforms was since we were already heading into the realm of the speculative, why not do a MU version of uniforms we have seen in our universe but we know never was in the MU we've seen. See what would've been if the Terran Empire never fell.