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Ok Guys Episode 1

Lost in Time 'S.S. Trafford' - Is now back live on Tribble.

I apologise for the carry on, however i was unable to republish this after the emergency update due to issue's with mission publishing last night, which although i am now able to do, it still takes 10 mins to publish. It would appear that there is a bug in the foundry resulting in poor detection of marker triggers near space map spawn points. So even if your ship is within the triggers radius, upon spawning the trigger did not always work and the bigger your ship the less likely it was the trigger was to work. So to compensate i have replaced and increased the radius of the 2 trigger' markers, that where not always working. I have tested this in both preview (which worked always as a result of character ship being smaller) and i have tested it live on tribble just now with my Tier 5 cruiser.

So if any of you have an issues with either of the last 2 map's where the trigger doesn't trigger the dialog when you enter the map. Simply exit the map and reenter, but also post up on here which map the trigger failed to work on so i can look at it again, plus state what your ship was.