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01-27-2011, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by Vzon
Just attempted the mission, and all went well until the last colonist who is behind the borg shield. No way to take down the shield that I saw. My away team somehow made it past the shield and engaged the borg and then somehow mysteriously made it out again. You can engage the borg with turrets and mortars, but not personal weapons. When I first started searching for a "shield takedown" the 5th colonist was visible thru the gate as were the surrounding borg. After several laps around the compound the borg and colonists had disappeared. Maybe Cryptic should clear all the bugs on the original STOL before implementing all the new stuff. What a concept!
I just ran this mission last night and had no issues. A question for you... are you sure you cleared all the colonists outside the forcefield? There is one kind of hidden behind you when you come down that first hill after beaming in. If you did clear them all from outside the forcefield, did you get the instructions to destroy the Borg generators to take the forcefield down?