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Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
Unfortunately, my major problem with these roots is in STFs, which means no Boffs around to distract them.

And Tacs seem to bear the brunt of the assault.
Our life expectancy is equivalent to that of the typical "Redshirt".

Also, healing has a diminished affect under assimilation, by my estimate, it's reduced to 50% of what it would be under normal conditions. Add to that your health is being reduced every second and the fact that only 1 heal is unaffected by Assimilation (Rally Cry, which I do not have!) equals one very dead Starfleet captain.

It's actually pointless to pop a Large Hypospray and all other heals applied by your teammates are more or less useless unless they can spam them non-stop (which they can't!).
Originally Posted by Wolfpack-NZ
I did Infected last week and got really sick of this really fast. I was getting rushed but up to 8 drones, infected, elite, heavy, proto (Various combinations) at a time. And it was literally within seconds I was being Held and Rooted multiple times by multiple units. which led to an incredibly high and ridiculous number of deaths for my team and I.

I was using leg sweep (Which is useless as they are well within range of getting you before this is effective), and motion accelerator and lunge 3 and Tribble of Borg.

It is ridiculous how we have cooldown times for our abilities yet these 2 devasating hold combinations appear to have none.

Maybe time for a review of that
I usually play tac, and I rarely get held in Infected or KA. If you have just 1 engineer on your team, you can prevent it. If you have 2 engineers, you are golden. With 2 engineers, you can keep a near-perma force dome up. With only 1 enigneer, have a tac give him/her tac initiative to reset the cooldown. Just stay under the dome, and the borg can't touch you. And always kill the drones, Infected drones, and medical drones first. They are not hard to kill, but they call in the protos and do the holds on you. They should be on your kill priority list. Leave the tactical, heavies, and elites for last. The best cure for assimilation is to not be assimilated in the first place.