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01-27-2011, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
I usually play tac, and I rarely get held in Infected or KA. If you have just 1 engineer on your team, you can prevent it. If you have 2 engineers, you are golden. With 2 engineers, you can keep a near-perma force dome up. With only 1 enigneer, have a tac give him/her tac initiative to reset the cooldown. Just stay under the dome, and the borg can't touch you. And always kill the drones, Infected drones, and medical drones first. They are not hard to kill, but they call in the protos and do the holds on you. They should be on your kill priority list. Leave the tactical, heavies, and elites for last. The best cure for assimilation is to not be assimilated in the first place.
This. except that its the Tactical drones that call in the proto's unless they changed that, but really kill the small fries. they are the ones that want to hug you. I rarely get assimilated. Repel and a sniper or dual stun pistols and keep out of range.

I find people when shooting do something ive noticed in some fast paced shooters. you stand still and get tunnel vision. move and shoot run around get flanking shots. but then again im a medic. for those guys to kill me they have to crit me from flank.

As for the melee specced tac officer.

No one skill works best all the time. *well maybe medics* Their is a reason the borg hold you, use fuse armor and teleport protos right behind you. they want to get in melee range.

its like being a fencer and going up against a group of professional fencers whilst you have tommygun.