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01-28-2011, 12:17 AM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
Are you saying there's a bug with this particular mission?
If yes, that's a bug for the mission creator and not this forum.

If you're saying there's an issue with spawn stuff in general, I need more information, please.
I'm not sure if it is with the mission or with tribble.

The mission is in Pi Canis...I transited to PC from Omega Leonis (as Klink of course) and I was placed at the Fed-Regulus spawn point in PC, not the normal Klink Omega Leonis-PC spawn in point.

The mission involves moving to different systems in the PC block, say System "A" and System "B"...when I finished the mission portion in System "A" and exited back to PC sector space, it deposited me back at the Fed-Regulus spawn in point...I traveled back across the sector and finished the System "B" portion and once again on exiting that portion of the mission I was deposited back at the Fed-Regulus spawn point.

It was as if there was just a single spawn point no matter what "door" you were leaving from to arrive in PC sector space, be it from the mission or from (at least) the neighboring Omega Leonis block.