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Hi Guys,

Due to the recently released statement below;

Originally Posted by StormShade
I understand your feelings, and sadly, sometimes breaking bad news is a part of my job. I'm not saying this won't change, but right now the plan is not to move over all the missions you guys have created on Holodeck.

The process to copy such a few missions over to Holodeck is long and tedious. It would require a great deal of downtime to move them all to Holodeck. I hope you all can understand why this isn't something that seems realistic at this time.

Thanks for you understanding,

I have sadly made the decision to place the Lost In Time Series on hold after i have released Episode 2 'Iconians and Their Demons', which is currently 95% complete.

The reason for my decision is - I do not believe that its right to ask us to give up PAID FOR GAME TIME to spend between 2-6 hours or more along with hours of research and planning for each mission, in order to test the Foundry, only to then be stabbed in the back and told all our hard work and time is to be thrown in the BIN. Sure i am all for testing and being a tester, but if they expect us to give up our paid for game time and get nothing in return for it i.e. ability to import our UGC mission to Holodeck when Foundry is released, they can forget it. They need to give their heads a shake, and ask themselves how they would feel if it was their work that they paid for the previlage of spending hours on, that was going in the bin.

Anyway rant over.

As i said episode 2 'Iconians and Their Demons' is 95% complete, and will be released on Tribble after mission testing phase. I had hoped the finnish development of the episode today, but with Tribble being offline i have been unable to do anything. I hope to see Tribble online this weekend, and hope to release Episode 2 this weekend as well. Obviously i can not confirm if it will be released at the weekend, without knowing when Tribble will be back online.

In the mean time though, if you would like to see further information about the episode 2 'Iconians and Their Demons', then please feel free to visit the episodes wiki page Here

Also don't forget to browse my Wiki user page, for infomation on development Here

Obviously the Development and release of episode 3 will be delayed even furthur when Foundry is released on Holodeck, as my first priority when Foundry is released on Holodeck, will be to rewrite the first two Episodes FROM SCRATCH. You can thank Cryptic, Atari and their ill thought out Policy of not allowing missions made on Tribble to be imported on to Holodeck for this hold being placed on the Series.