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# 1 A Few Cure Questions
01-29-2011, 07:23 AM
I normally end up as "Transformer Two" in this mission.

Is there a better way to individually target worker drones other than the "TAB" key? I use 2 Polaron HD rifles and that usually blasts them away, but sometimes a 3rd worker appears that doesn't get thrown back when I hit the others? They tend to clump too close or even behind the Transfomer for me to click on without moving into the 22m aggro range?

Is there a way to select a First Person Shooter view in this game?

I use small hypos and shield regens, should I upgrade to mediums?

How about Weapon's Boosters?

I am an Engineer with the Bunker Fab Kit Mk X purple. I have a 560 pt. shield and Mk XII Energy Dampening armor. I use two Mk XI [Dmg] Polaron High Density Beam Rifles. (And a Tribble of Borg)