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Originally Posted by ebeyer View Post
You can make seriously injured mobs. Not sure about dead.

What you do is place a group of neutral or friendly NPCs in the area where the bodies are supposed to go. I usually use Fed. Ensigns, mostly out of habit. Then you set their costumes to be whatever they are supposed to look like - klingons, gorn, tellarites, etc etc. Then, in the middle/bottom window you should see an option to change their animation. I usually use Hurt #2- they lie still or move just a little bit.

You can use a variant of this method to place a single NPC in a custom costume and/or animation. On all of the actors in the group you placed except one, you specify Y coordinates -200 (arbitrary). That pushes them way below where you'll ever see them. Hacky and ugly, but it works.



For dead crew I used an animation called "Lie Flat - Front". All the bodies will be face down in exactly the same position, which isn't especially realistic, but they won't move.

You can filter "Lying" in the Action dropdown menu in the animation selection window to get all of the lying down animations, though I'm pretty sure Lie Flat Front is the only one that doesn't have any movement.

Warning: if you use neutral or allied mobs for your corpses, and enemies suddenly appear, your 'dead' mobs will suddenly stand up and attack!