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Hi Guys

Episode 2 of the 'Lost in Time Series' , is now live of Tirbble. You will be surprised and asking What... Why.. when... how... by the ending of the episode

The mission appears in the ingame mission search as - The Iconians and Their Demons

This mission is Federation Only and avaliable to players of any Level

For Further Information on the 'The Iconian and Their Demons', episode please visit the mission episodes UGC wiki page HERE

Below is a list of current known issues:

1 - Second NPC ground patrol does not wonder: - Fixed in V1.01

2 - Occasionally NPC warp in effect does not show visually: - Again, a Foundry issue.

3 - NPC ground camp is lacking objects: - I will be adding additional objects in the Holodeck update of this mission, i see no point doing it now when i'll only have to do it all again for holodeck.

4 - Warp out effect does not occur when leaving UGC Andoria System - Can confrim this is a Foundry bug not mission bug.

NOTE: I will continue to support and update the current two Episode's on Tribble, but as stated in above post, Episode 3 and the rest of series is on HOLD, until Foundry is released onto Holodeck. Obviously if Cryptic were to change their mind's, then i will be willing to left the Hold on the series and continue releasing episode's on tribble. But until they change their minds (which is unlikely) the hold will remain.

So feel free to post your comments about the series/missions below aswell as info on any bugs you find that are not already listed, and of course post your views on Cryptics decision.

Updated to Version 1.01

Mission Updates/Patches
@Teasdaleern 29th Jan 22:18 GMT - Version 1.01 = Fixed second NPC Patrol not wondering issue. Also made some typo corrections in dialogs, though still not perfect.

P.S. Klingons don't worry i have a plan's for you guys with your own version of the series, though you may have to wait a few more episodes, before i release the first klingon episode.