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01-29-2011, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by LimoDriver
The fleet I have been with since the early on in STO's existence is basically no longer around I am looking for a new one to join. I am returning to the game after being gone for a number of months. I understand the game for the most part, but my knowledge on some things is a little outdated.
Hello LimoDriver, welcome back to STO.
I can understand getting back into the flow of things could be difficult. At {UFP} we've recruited a fair number of new recruits either rejoining or coming onto STO for the first time, so you wouldn't be alone in that situation. Our forums are also a helpful resource to ask questions or look up information which is designed to help both veterans and newcomers alike.

Originally Posted by LimoDriver
I love doing PvP and PvE with fleet mates. I do a lot of PvE on my own. Voice chat is nice, but optional for me. I play most days, but work and rl prevent me from playing as much as I would like.
We're all for getting people together and involved, but of course only to the extent that people want to be involved. Aside from a monthly roll call, just so we know who's still around, there are no pressures to take part in activity or a quota of any kind to meet. RL commitments will always take priority and we're fully appreciative of this.
We do host an active TeamSpeak 3 server, which we regularly use for gaming and socialising. It's particularly useful during fleet events, and has people online pretty much round the clock as we're an international fleet.

Originally Posted by LimoDriver
As far as ranks go, it's nice if there is such a system in place, but it's not of great importance to me. Mainly what I want out of a fleet is activity, helpfulness, community, and occasional (or frequent) events.
We do have an out of game rank system which is based on activity levels, voluntary positions available and other general activities. It isn't used as a bragging right tool, but rather a way for us to thank our members who take time to improve the fleet in any particular way or form.

I think {UFP} might well be a worthwhile fleet to check out. You can find us at and feel free to contact me personally should you have any questions.

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